Tuned Hosting Affiliate Program

Earn Some Bucks With Us!

Refer clients to Tuned Hosting and get paid commission for each time their service is paid, earning a percentage of each sale you personally make and as a qualified affiliate commission on up to 10 levels of affiliate sales in your network!

Check out the details of our Tuned Hosting Affiliate Compensation Plan, then Register as an Affiliate for FREE!

What Sets US Apart?

Greed… or lack of it to be more accurate, you see while other companies keep search engine traffic as direct signups, affiliates or sales, adding to their bottom line, we take a different approach…

We treat our affiliates as if they were our inside sales organization, passing out the best leads we get to our active affiliates, our search engine traffic, which can convert to sales and new affiliate signups in our 10 level affiliate program and paying you as if you made the sale personally, rather than keeping all the profit for ourselves!

In our opinion, our affiliates are the reason for the search engine traffic and they should benefit from the results they help us to get!

Just how successful do you think you can be if you are given deals direct from the company you represent, simply because you are referring traffic yourself or converting sales or affiliate signups,  pretty successful, right?

That is the goal of the Tuned Hosting Affiliate Program, to build a company and affiliate program in a synergistic way cooperatively marketing together with our affiliates for our mutual benefit.

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