Giveaway One Year Hosting to Your Clients!


Bonuses and Giveaways are one of the BEST ways to generate sales by adding MAJOR value to your offers!

Do you sell a product or service to online marketers or businesses?

Adding one full year of our TOP shared hosting package, Tuned Cloud Enterprise, powered by Google Cloud Platform, with cPanel, full backups, a fully functional account with EVERYTHING your clients need AND an amazing closing tool for your business!


How Does It Work?


You purchase a 20, 100, 500, 2500, 5000 or UNLIMITED coupon package from us and we assign you your desired coupon code to use with your offers, we allocate the number of coupons you purchase and you then have 1 full year from your date of purchase to distribute and activate them through your clients.

After the year is up, your clients then either renew their hosting with us or they simply let their account terminate, no cost to you or to them if they do not continue their service with us, if they do continue, they pay us and you owe us nothing for their continued use of our service.

If you like how the promotion worked for you, then you would simply purchase another group of coupons to give out after you run out.

If you select the Unlimited package, you can issue an unlimited number of coupons for a period of one year which must be activated in that same year, it does not give you unlimited coupons for an unlimited amount of time, all coupon packages are limited to one year to be issued and activated from the date of your bulk coupon package purchase.

The program is simple, easy to follow and will net you MORE SALES of your companies products and services.


Affiliates Earn More!


Join our affiliate program and earn big when your coupon users renew their hosting with us after 12 months of free hosting… earn once on the product you are marketing using our hosting as a bonus add-on, then earn again when they renew.

Our pricing is competitive with the market, below market in most cases and your referrals will have a very high conversion rate over to paid customers.


How Much is This Going to Cost Me?


A lot less than you might think! Our smallest package is for 20 coupons at $99, break that down and you are paying only $99 for $2877.60 in hosting for 20 accounts at $11.99 a month for our Tuned Cloud Enterprise shared hosting plan…

That is a HUGE value you can offer to your clients for FREE and that is just our 20 coupon package… the pricing gets better as you go up in number of coupons, 500 for only $499 for example… do the math on that!

500 accounts times $11.99 a month =  $71940 worth of hosting you can give away for bonuses to your clients @ only $499 cost to you!

The pricing gets even better on 2500, 5000 and UNLIMITED coupon packages!


Buy Now!