Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine Virtual Machine Management

Do you want to host your websites on a Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine Virtual Machine with cPanel/CentOS and need it all setup with a complete Apache/NGINX web-stack, managed for you with 24/7 support and monitoring, updates, security, etc., etc.?


Tuned Cloud GCP VM Management Service

For a low monthly cost we will setup your Virtual Machine on the Google Cloud Platform and manage it 100%, you pay Google Cloud Platform for your Virtual Machine costs directly and pay us only for the management of your VM instance, a low monthly fee of only $99 plus $49 setup, normally $199!

Compare our server management service for Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machines to any regular server management package from our competitors who charge up to $250 a month or more for this level of server management and you will find our service is hands down less expensive and provides MORE on the GCP network!

The Google Cloud Platform is the SAME network Google uses for its search, gmail, storage engine, etc. etc., literally the entire Internet uses Googles network, it can certainly handle your website or application traffic and performance demands!


Get $300 Credit From Google Cloud Platform!

Google Cloud Platform is giving out $300 in credit to setup your compute engine virtual machines and other GCP services, get started with GCP for nothing out of your pocket!

The first thing you want to do is sign up for a Google Cloud Platform Account and get your $300 credit then come back and sign up for our management service to setup your VM and get your server up and running.


Google Cloud Platform VM Management Services Provided By Us:

  • Complete Web-Stack Setup
  • XtendWeb Module for cPanel to manage configuration of Apache/NGINX
    • Per Domain, sub-domain and sub-folder PHP version selection!
    • SSL and other security tweaks
    • Speed Enhancements
    • MORE!
  • Free SSL Certs for all domains hosted!
  • Free CloudFlare Railgun Service – $200 a month value!
  • Downtime Response and Resolution!
  • Software Updates
  • Service Monitoring
  • 24/7 Support
  • MySQL Monitoring
  • Server Hardening
  • Performance Optimization
  • More!


Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machine Management Pricing

Our pricing is simple, $49 setup and $99 a month per virtual machine you have us setup and manage for you, no hidden costs of any kind, simple pricing, amazing server setup and management results!


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*You pay Google directly for your Google Cloud Platform service costs separately.